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Bali traditions and rituals: what to visit for a tourist

The island of Bali in Indonesia is not just a resort with white-sand beaches and luxury hotels. Bali is also famous for its unique traditions and rituals that permeate every aspect of island life. For the tourist looking to immerse themselves in authentic Balinese culture, there are plenty of interesting places and events.

Basics of Balinese culture

Bali is a predominantly Hindu island, and this is reflected in everyday life and festivities. One of the main features of Balinese culture is respect for deities, and this is expressed in constant religious rituals and ceremonies. That is why the second name of Bali among tourists and guides is the Island of the Gods. It is unique in literally everything: inhabitants, religion, clothes and food. Nowhere else in the world it is impossible to find a more careful attitude to all living things. Balinese people honor nature and thank it for its gifts. It is in this paradise place you can taste the most exotic fruits, and the atmosphere of the whole island will lead to a meeting with the most important thing - the soul.

Bali's temples are sanctuaries for the soul

Visiting Balinese temples is one of the must-see destinations for a tourist. Temples such as Besakih, Tanah Lot and Ulun Danu Brown are not only impressive in their architecture, but also serve as venues for many traditional religious ceremonies. Tourist excursions to Tanah Lot Temple are the most popular among visitors to the island. The name of the temple translates as "land in the sea" and its name is absolutely justified - the sanctuary is located on a rocky ledge, which offers an incredible view of the Indian Ocean. We advise you to visit the temple during low tide, so you will have a chance to see everything up close. There are several pavilions and shrines inside the shrine.
Besakih is another must-see on sightseeing tour lists. Known as the Mother Temple, is a huge complex that includes 23 temples. Located on the slopes of Mount Agung, the holy place is considered one of the most religious places on the entire island. All tourists who are interested in culture and religion in Bali should visit this place.

Dance and music: the art of expression

The Balinese are famous for their traditional dances and musical performances. Such dances as "Kechak" and "Legong" are impressive not only for the technical skill of the performers, but also for the deep spiritual meaning they carry. For the inhabitants of the island, the dances have the function of ritual and communication with the gods, but as the flow of tourists has increased, an adapted version of the religious dances has been made for them. Even though neither Legong nor Kechak are involved in religious rituals, this does not diminish the interest in the dances. They are still an important element to get a closer look at the unique aspects of this cultural heritage.

Balinese cuisine: delicious traditions

Tourists should also not miss the opportunity to sample the richness of Balinese cuisine. Local delicacies such as Mi Goring (fried noodles) and Bebek Betutu (goose roasted with traditional spices) immerse you in the flavor traditions of this fascinating island. All the high-end restaurants and lounge spots are concentrated along the coast in the Seminyak area. Kuta offers more affordable cafes with a simpler atmosphere, while Changgu offers lunch or dinner overlooking rice terraces, Bukit offers the sound of the surf and waves as you dine, and Ubud offers an expansive jungle atmosphere, rainforest mystique and green rice paddies. There are many cafes and restaurants overlooking the rice terraces. All tourist establishments change the recipes to more adapted in taste for Europeans, as the local food is very spicy. So if you want to try the local cuisine, go inland.

Creative master classes

For tourists looking not just to observe but to participate in Balinese traditions, there are many workshops on traditional handicrafts, dance moves and local food preparation. You are advised to include art workshops in your island itinerary as well. The locals take great pleasure in teaching tourists fabric painting (batik) and wood carving. In this way you can create your own absolutely unique souvenir with your own design, which will be imbued with the atmosphere of the island.
Bali is an island where modernity and tradition are harmoniously intertwined. Visiting Bali tours not only gives the tourist delightful scenery and active entertainment, but also provides an opportunity to plunge into the richness of traditions, and rituals of this unique cultural world. The whole experience of traveling to Bali becomes incomplete without immersing in its mystical atmosphere and mysterious rituals, leaving the tourist with unforgettable memories of meeting this amazing island.