the heart of the island
is the Kintamani region

This is an exciting and educational program that includes a visit to a unique natural wonder - the Beji Guwang Canyon. Over the centuries, the ancient river has carved out a fantastic rocky corridor of unusual shape, through which you can safely walk, accompanied by an experienced guide. Be sure to look up to see the hanging vines and vines that create a natural arch over the canyon.

As you take part in this exciting journey, you will discover the most famous attractions of Bali: wild monkey forests, traditional Balinese temples, waterfalls in the deep jungle, coffee plantations and, of course, amazing rice terraces.

Lunch will be served in a restaurant on the edge of an ancient volcano overlooking the dormant Batur volcano and the unique mountain lake at its foot!

● transfer
By the time of the meeting, a English speaking guide-driver will arrive at your hotel/villa; you need to wait for the car at the reception of your hotel or near the villa.

● main program
- hidden canyon
- monkey forest
- traditional Balinese temple
- Tegallalang rice terraces
- Tegenungan waterfall
- dinner
- Kintamani village
- coffee plantations

Early in the morning around 07:00 - 08:00 am you will go to the hidden canyon, together with a specially trained guide you will walk deep into the Beji Guwang gorge. Sometimes visiting the canyon may be closed due to high water levels, in which case you will immediately go to the next point of the tour - the monkey forest. In the monkey forest you can feed the monkeys or watch these animals play.
Be careful: monkeys are wild animals, so it’s best to leave all valuables in the car.
Afterwards we will visit 1 of 3 traditional Balinese temples.

- Pura Tirta Empul - an ancient Hindu temple of holy water (926 AD);
- Goa Gajah or "Elephant Cave" - ​​a UNESCO World Heritage Site (11th century AD);
- Gunung Kawi is the oldest cave city, famous for its royal tombs carved directly into the rocks (11th century AD)

We then head to the famous Tegallalang Rice Terraces and Tegenungan Jungle Waterfall. After such a busy program, you definitely need to have lunch. Lunch will be offered to you in a restaurant overlooking the mountain lake and Batur volcano.
In the second part of our trip, we will visit the traditional village of Kintamani, where we will study the life, culture and crafts of the traditional indigenous inhabitants of the island, Luwak coffee plantations with coffee tasting.
The tour sequence is subject to change (check with your guide for details)

● return transfer
in the evening 17:00 - 18:00 you will already be at your hotel or villa, the exact time of arrival at the hotel depends on the traffic situation and the separation of your hotel.