Komodo One Day Group Tour

You can choose any day of the week and in one day get acquainted with the main attractions of the Komodo archipelago: from visiting pink sand beaches to meeting Komodo dragons - the last representatives of the dinosaurs.
The Komodo dragon, the largest lizard on Earth, is also a unique inhabitant of this archipelago.

Komodo is located 550 kilometers east of Bali, a small archipelago in Indonesia. This is a place where time seems to have stopped and nature remains untouched by man. The waters around the islands are home to 260 species of coral and a variety of marine life, from rare fish to whales and dolphins. The cries of flying foxes are heard in the air, and turtles can be found on the snow-white sands.
● 06:30 a driver will arrive at your hotel in Labuan Bajo. He will take you to the port where the boat journey will begin;
● 08:15 - the group will moor at Padar Island. You will walk along the green hills and take a photo at a viewpoint;
● 10:00 - you will arrive at the Pink Beach of Padar Island. Enjoy the peach-hued sand and snorkel in the colorful coral gardens just off the beach;
● 11:00 – The boat will dock at Komodo Island. There, you'll join a park ranger in search of the famous Indonesian monitor lizards;
● 12:30 - after a light lunch on the boat, you will moor at the small island of Taka Makassar with white sand;
● 14:15 - the group will arrive at the Manta Point spot, where you may be lucky enough to swim with manta rays;
● 15:00 - we will go to the coral garden in Turtle Bay on Siaba Besar Island. This is an ideal place to swim with turtles surrounded by picturesque coral reefs;
● 16:30 The boat will dock at the Labuan Bajo port where your driver will take you back to your hotel.