Climbing Mount Batur Volcano

Вулкан Батур — одно из красивейших мест на Бали. Древний вулкан, действующий и поныне, притягивает к себе множество туристов.

Батур находится на высоте 1717 м над уровнем моря и дорога на вершину займет 2-3 часа.

Мы заедем за Вами в 1 - 2:30 ночи (зависит от вашего местоположения). Восхождение начинается около 3:30-4: 00 утра и занимает от 2 до 3 часов, зависит от вашей физической подготовки и погоды.

Балийцы издавна верили, что Боги живут на вершинах гор и поэтому приносят подношения перед тем, как ступить на территорию Богов. Считается, что здесь больше шансов, что Боги услышат ваши молитвы и исполнят ваши желания.
Morning transfer to the volcano
By the time of the meeting, a driver will arrive at your hotel or villa. You need to wait for the car at the hotel reception or at the entrance to the villa. At the starting point, you will meet the guide who will give you a short briefing and flashlights.

Climbing Mount Batur will start around 4 am. To make trekking to a height of 1717 meters more comfortable, several rest stops are planned along the way. You will climb to the top of the volcano at dawn. At the top, you will be served a light breakfast: a banana sandwich, eggs, and tea and coffee. There will open an incredible view of the caldera and the mountain lake, shrouded in morning mist. There will be enough time to admire the sunrise and take beautiful photos. You will then return to the starting point. The driver will be waiting in the parking lot.

Return transfer
When all participants are assembled, the transfer will return and take you to your hotel or villa. Travel time depends on traffic and the location of your destination.
Cancellation policy
Refunds for the service are made with a deduction of 10% of the payment amount if the cancellation is made by the client at least 48 hours before the start of the event or if there is an official document from a medical institution.
Otherwise, a 100% cancellation fee will be charged for the tour.
Refunds are made at the exchange rate set by the Bank of Indonesia on the day of payment.
A full refund is made in case of impossibility on the part of the contractor (provider) to provide the service in full.
The term for consideration of a refund is up to 5 calendar days from the date of application.
The refund period is up to 10 calendar days from the date of application.