devdan show

We highly recommend visiting the Devdan Show as a place to spice up your evenings in Bali. Definitely, this Balinese version of the Cirque du Soleil is one of those must-see places.

During this vibrant non-stop performance, you will see great special effects, a beautifully decorated stage, large sets and amazingly colorful traditional costumes.

Devdan Show's professional dancers will amaze you with their choreography and acrobatic skills, representing much of traditional as well as modern Indonesian culture (Java, Sumatra, Sulawesi, Bali, Papua, etc.). The sound, lighting and fiery special effects are all designed to impress and surprise you.

Show available: Monday, Wednesday and Saturday -
at 19.30
If you have not booked an additional transfer, then you need to get to the theatre yourself. The show starts at 19:30.

The program of the show
The performance tells about the diversity of cultures of the peoples inhabiting Indonesia. The story in the presentation begins with the island of Bali and then smoothly moves to other islands of the Indonesian archipelago.

Parts of the show:
Sacred Bali
  • Kecak dance
  • Lesung dance
  • Odalan
Beautiful Sumatra
  • Saman dance
  • Pecut dance
  • Rain dance
Magical Java
  • Java warior
  • Wayang
  • Bedhaya dance
Mythical Kalimantan
  • Water dance
  • Dayak
  • Fishing port
Exotic Papua
  • Papua dance
  • Honai
  • Tifa
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