Trip to the caldera of Batur volcano

An exciting trip to Mount Batur at sunrise and a descent into one of the largest calderas in Southeast Asia!

You will meet the sunrise with a view of three volcanoes, warm up with hot tea or coffee, walk along frozen black lava, climb in a jeep to the highest possible height at the foot of the volcano and swim in thermal springs.

As you drive through traditional Balinese villages, stop and visit an ancient Hindu temple. Lunch awaits you at a local restaurant overlooking Mount Agung.
Main route points:
● sunrise and breakfast at the observation deck on Batur
● lava fields and rocks
● trekking in the caldera
● thermal springs
● expedition through the Abang jungle

● morning transfer
At the appointed time, a Landy Safari company representative will arrive at your villa or hotel in a jeep. The jeep can accommodate up to 4 people.

● main tour program
3:30 - The trip will begin at night to reach the highest point of the caldera of Batur Volcano by sunrise, where you will enjoy a beautiful sunrise with magnificent views of Batur Volcano, Abang and Agung. The first rays of dawn and the ringing silence of nature around create a special magic of the moment.
Here at dawn a small camp breakfast with warm tea will be arranged.
Our adventure continues through black lava fields, volcanic rocks and deserts with a couple of photo stops. You want to capture such views as a keepsake.
You will then walk to the crater of Batur's last eruption and even cook eggs in the hot volcanic steam.
10:00 - after the walk you can relax in the thermal springs at the foot. The water here is heated naturally - from the volcano. It will gently relax your muscles and skin before continuing your expedition.
After a short rest, you will continue your expedition through the jungle to Mount Abang, where you will find the Bubung Renteng Temple and mystical statues hidden from prying eyes.
13:00 - Afterwards you will have a delicious lunch and a return journey through traditional Balinese villages and rice fields.

● return transfer
15:00-15:30 - a jeep with a driver will take you back to your villa or hotel. The exact arrival time depends on the traffic situation.
Cancellation Policy
A refund for the service is made if the cancellation is made by the client at least 24 hours before the start of the event or if there is an official document from a medical institution about hospitalization;
If cancellation is made less than 24 hours in advance, the fine is 75% of the tour cost;
For failure to appear on the day of the event, the fine is 100% of the tour cost;
Cancellation of a tour due to weather conditions is accepted on the basis of official information about weather conditions that impede the safe conduct of the event. The organizers have experience and knowledge of weather conditions along the travel route. For security reasons, no trip will be permitted if there is a ban on its implementation;
Subjective assessment of weather conditions by trip participants cannot be the basis for a decision to proceed or cancel a trip;
There are no refunds for tour cancellations due to weather conditions. The tour may be rescheduled to another date;
Refunds are made at the exchange rate set by Bank Indonesia on the day of payment